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BROKEN, FORSAKEN, DISCOURAGED - Benny Hinn, Morris Cerullo, Raymond Mooi are ... Fakes, ... Wolves in Sheep's Clothing

This is the Testimony of a man whose journey in search of Truth fell victim to false "men-of-God". These deceitful and wicked men, worst than hypocrites, left them broke and ...

These pack of wolves in sheepskin plundered and ravaged the whole family, leaving them to bleed and suffer for years. Here now is:-

The Testimony of Yves Brault
Occasionally we are blamed for denouncing popular “Men of God”. Some people are easily offended when you criticize one whom they admire. But more often do we come across individuals that are glad we take a stand for the truth in this day and age of political correctness. Allow me to give you a summary of our spiritual walk.In June 1988, my family and I came to the knowledge of the Gospel through Christian television, and recognised Jesus Christ as our Lord and Saviour, and got out of the Roman Catholic Church. Soon after our deliverance, we joined a small Pentecostal church and became very active within the church. Two years after the Lord led us to an Independent Charismatic church. In hindsight we now realize that this was a time of preparation and maturing, for we were about to encounter the biggest “star” of the religious world: Benny Hinn. In late May 1992, through unusual circumstances we moved to Orlando, Florida to attend Benny’s church. Unexpectedly, on July 01, 1992, only a month after our arrival, during the Wednesday night service, Benny Hinn called out my family and on his request we went on stage. He asked me:“Sir, what do you do for a living?”“I am a translator and interpreter Pastor”. “Well” Benny said in front of the whole congregation,”why don’t you translate my bestseller Good Morning Holy Spirit, and also my book “The Anointing?”After the service we met Benny in his office, he promised to get us our working papers and to use us in the ministry. This surprising invitation confirmed to us that God had a plan for our lives. But things did not turn out the way we expected, we translated the book and gave it to Susanne Hinn Benny’s wife. We were never paid for the translation work; we never got our working papers, and never worked for the ministry. During that turmoil that lasted 2 years, we became involved in the ministry of evangelist Morris Cerullo,

through his Asian Crusade director, a man whose name is Raymond Mooi. This man got engaged with our daughter; he took her and our son on a 2 months trip to Asia, and then suddenly ran away from them, leaving them in Singapore without money and a hotel bill of more then S$1500. Mooi had never told us he was still married to his wife.

After that tragic incident, we felt

broken,forsaken & discouraged.
For the first six months of the year 1994, we slept in ghettos, rescue missions, and finally the Canadian embassy forced Hinn’s ministry to pay our way back to Canada. But that was all part of God’s plan, He gave us as rules and guide lines Ezekiel chapter 2. Once in British Columbia, we started investigating faith healing and discovered mesmerism, an occult practice used by Benny Hinn and many others, it is also known as Crowd manipulation or Collective Hysteria. Then we knew for sure that we had to warn our Christian brothers and sisters of the dangers they will face if they listen to those false prophets. Almighty God literally rescued us from their filthy hands. It is unconceivable that ministers can be so heartless and hypocritical in their lives. What you see on TV or on stage is far from being their true nature. I can declare that it is only by God’s grace that we have remained steadfast in our Christian walk. We do believe in Divine Healing, but I strongly opposed the concept that some preachers have a permanent gift of healing, they have not been able to prove real biblical healings like limbs that grow back blind that see, or deaf that hear. But marketing miracle work, it sells and attracts large crowds, and large crowds mean large offerings. People need to realise that God can and will heal according to His divine will. Now many years after as I look back, I cannot help but to praise God for His love His mercy and His grace. Our son and our daughter who have been so deeply hurt by those false prophets, are living their own life,
God has His hand on them, and He is taking care of them. My wife and I are still on fire for the Lord and every time God opens a door, we walk right in and share the Gospel of Salvation. When we minister to churches we show them our video; a tool we use to expose how Benny Hinn uses mesmerism and in which we also reveal many of Benny’s lies. We have a book titled: Behind The Scenes; the True Face of The Fake Faith Healers And I invite you to visit our web site at:
But let us face it, if we had more financial resources, we would do a lot more, and that would enable us to warn more brothers and sisters.

In Christ Love.
Pastor Yves A. Brault
(Through email on Feb.2, 2005 - Calvary Centre)
By my observation, RAYMOND MOOI, a Malaysian, did the greatest harm to Pastor Yves Brault and his family, in particular to his daughter - Would you entrust your daughter to such as Raymond Mooi Kien Seng?
Can such a so-called "man of God" be allowed to roam freely, continue to take advantage of the poor and the desperate who are in search for God?

To do nothing is to let him go on exploiting other innocent girls or allow him to seduce unknowing women, who may be your loved ones. What about his sinful behaviour as so-called evangelist and "Minister of the Gospel"? ... all done in the name of God!!! Where is his accountability???

God knows how many more he has deceived since 1993. No hole is safe from and for this "holy" man, a thief, a fraud, a charlatan and a wolf in sheepskin who will devour its victim whole.

A broken heart can be pieced back together...
it might be a heart again but it is STILL A BROKEN ONE.

"Hey, ... I am a man of God, ... Believe me... I'm a Reverend, ...I'm your Pastor". "Ha, ...Ha, ... Ha,... Trust me lah....! Give me your heart...! I'll keep you warm, ... I'll have roast Lamb with you.... No Kidding... !!!", Take a look at the "Miracles" here There are 5 parts." Rev. Raymond Mooi Kien Seng, Malaysian Pastor, Asian Crusade Director, and Wolf in Sheepskin.
They may eat your heart out!!!
Matthew 7:15 Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves.

If you have been taken advantage of, exploited and deceived, i.e. a VICTIM of Raymond Mooi Kien Seng you should expose him .

Please send in your Testimony to and you'll receive this book Behind The Scenes; the True Face of The Fake Faith Healers by Yves A. Brault, free of charge after verification.

This book may help you on your road to recovery and healing from hurts by frauds. All seekers for Truth should read this book and be informed by Pastor Yves A. Brault.

Therefore to him who knows to do good, and does not do it, to him it is sin. James 4:17


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