Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Call this A(H1N1),
Swine Flu or what you may.
I would call it SWINDLE FLU for several reasons.

this is man-made.
Take a look at this video to understand.
Swine Flu is a Man-Made Virus?

this involves Sinister Ministers.

Evil Organisations with their agenda and intentions to carry out certain amoral acts for control and gain, totally do not have any ethical considerations. These can well be top Ministers in bankrupt countries out to create a problem then to sell an Antidote. Such so-called vaccines pose dangers and may kill but will not be reported. Humanity is being pushed to the brink of destruction in the name of science. Profiteering at all cost.


1. Viruses in Computers are man-made. It is ALWAYS MAN-MADE. Take a look at Idiots-Guide.Org 2006. Fixing the Untrained Mind
You are still living with this, ... conditioned to buy the antivirus ... and get infected quite naively... Who created these viruses? Why no accountability?

2. The "Millennium Bug" or Y2K Bug was again man-made. There was no bug at all but the big boys made big bucks by frightening everyone into upgrading their machines so as not to crash by the stroke of the year 2000 when the clock struck midnight! They were selling "Anti-fear-dotes" then. Somebody made big money by deception. Were these Midnight Cowboys and hucksters taken to task? Even experts were deceived.
I saw no accountability.

3. The "Weapon-of-Mass-Destruction" that killed Saddam Hussein was also planted in your minds to achieve an agenda. I am no supporter of Sadam Hussein. They dragged him out of a hole and put him through a noose. He's history but the Iraqis continue to die after the Invasion of Iraq. The country is ravaged and ruined. Casualties and destruction of life continues. All these were orchestrated to carry out an agenda - The American Agenda. George Bush himself is the Weapon-of-Mass-Deception. Two countries have been ravaged with false justifications after the fall of the N.Y. Twin Towers. Big Lies have been capitalised. Was there any accountability? No again. IF NOT, WHY NOT?

So here in this case of H1N1 it is no different - The H1N1 virus is also man-made. They created a virus to sell you an Anti-Virus. Are such persons taken to task? IF NOT, WHY NOT?

Mankind is sacrificed to achieve an Agenda that does not benefit mankind. Only evil can do that. Nature and the Creation is not to be blamed. Only man himself is his own enemy.

Not only is this H1N1 man-made, it is also being deliberately spread across the globe. This is murder, and a premeditated one at that.
WARNING! Truth behind Swine Flu! ~ Do NOT take Vaccines! ~
this you must watch.

As I have said: POLITICIANS ARE PROFESSIONAL LIARS. They are quickly becoming mass murderers. Behold another pandemic lie with viruses thrown in for the plot, then they sell you their vaccines with other after effects, to which one becomes obligated to them further for solutions. From time to time they will release another "scare" by throwing "new upgrades" to put the daylights out of you.

Why do politicians presume to control our lives once they get to sit in that chair deemed to be the "throne"? Another chair ought to be made for them if they are found to have caused mass suffering and mass destruction by their conduct. That chair should be an electric chair.

When Hitler killed the millions, he finally killed himself. When these new powers kill and sell you their panacea you thank them for "killing" you. This is sinister.
Mankind is surely on course for self-destruction. Who knows what's next in this Godless humanity tinkering with God's creation.

I read in the local press about 3 years ago that the World Health Organisation (WHO) announced that half the world's population will be wiped off by influenza soon. Now, how did they come to predict that? WHO is playing GOD?
Are they prophets?
Are they not sinister scientists and sinister ministers?
The answer is obvious. This Godless world with politicians and technocrats running it, they will play God, but in fact they are the devils.

The H1N1 issue is called an Illuminati Con.
H1N1 - An Illuminati Con

If you have heard of Illuminati you will see the rationale here.
Take a look at this link in the YouTube which will open your eyes a little and make you think. httped://

If we are not under attack by Evil Economists we get attacked by Sinister Scientists. See this.
Warning: Swine Flu (H1N1 Virus) Vaccine DEADLY!
Check this out yourself. When you are there look at this also They have nothing better to do but to drive you crazy. Its a Crazy, Crazy, Crazy World we live in with people of low intelligence ruling the ones of high IQ.
This is a SWINDLE FLU not a SWINE FLU.

If there is a Bernard MADOFF (somewhat "Mad" and "Off") who swindles and got jailed beyond his lifetime how many light-years jail sentence should this SWINE get for inventing and spreading "swine flu"?
If you are caught and have no where to run to we in Malaysia have a sanctuary for you called the ISA to - "protect you". All your accusers will be thrown in there. Really! ...

Someone put poison in our food only to sell us an antidote. In the guise of protecting us, they in fact kill us so that we would not be killed by this H1N1, Swine Flu.
This is "Swindle Flu". Take a look here and be convinced.

This is EVIL to the nth degree.

BE INFORMED !!!! Made in a Lab, ... The Swine Flu Swindle.

Everything is falling apart. To keep it intact, you can glue it, nail it or tie it up, but I'll screw it because they have already screwed it up.

Don't be screwed up and subscribe to the great swine Flu Swindle. ttp://


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ed said...

Finally the truth is revealed and yet no one will see it... im sure this will get shut down like most other topics about this because it becomes a "debate" or containing slander... this is just another way to make the rich man richer... killing the hard working American...people should not be treated like this!!!