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BEWARE...! - of so-called "MEN OF GOD" - They Want Your Money Only.

You Don't Exist. You are nothing. Really...

You may think you need them... They don't need you.
They WANT only your hard earned MONEY!
God or Profit? - watch this on YouTube
Once they've got your $$$..., you can go to HELL!

Watch these VIDEOS carefully. See and hear for yourselves.
These are International CON MEN!
Definitely Not "men of God".
If after watching their flamboyance and lies, you still are sold to such as these, would YOU not therefore consider that you DESERVE TO BE CHEATED!.....$%*@?
It has been said: A Fool and his money are soon parted.....

CAUTION: These EXPLICIT VIDEOS will shatter your erroneous BELIEFS in those whom you BLINDLY AND MINDLESSLY HERO- WORSHIP....

BENNY HINN is interested in every Penny you may have. Money is all he cares for. "MONEY" HINN wants only your money. He really should be called PENNY HINN Greedy Benny Hinn manipulating with HALF TRUTHS to get money. Not just cash, your Credit Card too.
BE NOT DECEIVED - where was it said in the Bible that "... only those who have been giving to God's work would be SPARED..." ? Yet Benny Hinn made this statement. This is an outright LIE spoken by Benny Hinn, with a response of "Hallelujah!" from a man in the audience.
He makes himself a celebrity and lives lavishly.
You pay for it. Take a look at this link.



Caution: He Can LIE To You Straight In Your Eyes.
Ah! ... this is the mother of Deception.
This is NOT in the Bible at all ... but made more dramatic than TRUTH.
It's gross ACTING plus "PUSH" over. Under "The Anointing", Benny Hinn said he is not himself.
HE IS NOT HIMSELF? Then what is he?
The Devil and Schizoid?
Even pagan mediums say the same. It is therefore not surprising that his children are "afraid of him", so he boasted.
He therefore is not always "anointed" or even anointed at all of God but POSSESSED by some other unholy spirit.

For the Holy Spirit of God does not work in the manner that these charlatans do. That's why he said even his children are afraid of him. He becomes as if berserked and possessed.

If you are "IMPRESSED" you are blinded, bewitched and MESMERISED.... Mass Hysteria is more appropriate.

Note this next charlatan FORCING people to do his "Slain-in- the-Spirit" act in the most un-Christ-like and ungodly manner. "Muggers" and "Pushers" in the likes of Todd Bentley are fakes and highwaymen. Read about this "New" kid in the block and his improprieties here.

The Folks are being harshly abused and they just stood there to be done in! Christ has never pushed any man or woman into belief. __________________________________________________

"O Foolish Christians!" would you rather be mugged by SADISTIC mean false "men of God" than yield to the True, loving gracious God?

Certainly this is NOT the work of the Holy Spirit.
Be informed of The Pentecostal Heresy

He claims healing but the poor girl died shortly after.
Morris Cerullo - "Miracles"
Quote from YouTube: "This doesn't surprise me. Morris Cerullo told my aunt she was healed of cancer and took thousands of dollars from her. She died a year later."
What do you call all these...? This really is Cheating.
Did Jesus take any money or solicit funds for even the true Miracles that he did?
Why are all these "Evangelists" taking money, FAIL, and still go on without liability nor accountability? Con Men and Liars. That's all these are.

Men purporting to represent God as "Healers", "Prophets", "Miracle Workers" or whatever... must be proven. These Claimants are no different from any con artists.
Read about this fraud Morris Cerullo here
Men such as him are International Con Men. People DIE from his "miracles" and suffer anguish from his false prophesies.

Cerullo produced yet another fake and let-loose in Asia - his name : Raymond Mooi.
with third rate performance in the Third World.
This "disciple" of Morris Cerullo, calling normal physiological movements such as walking and running "Miracles". He is really selling to you what you already have by labelling it a "Miracle".
Note that his modus operandi is like Morris Cerullo - "running"..."no pain"..."miracle". This is Rev. Raymond Mooi Kien Seng.(See my posting on the 7/5/09 for more information)
This b$$$$ard "son" of Morris Cerullo would not hesitate to sell out his wife..... for your daughter.
See the Testimony of Yves Brault and read Yves Brault's book which tells all: "BEHIND THE SCENES: The True Face Of The Fake Faith Healers" (published since 1997 and reprinted several times). (You can place an order from this blog by writing to ) Be truly informed of this evil man's doings. This Wolf-in-Sheep's-Clothing will ravish even your only lamb.
Here is the link to the Testimony of Yves Brault.
Go to YouTube to see all the 5 parts with annotations

WHY ARE FAKES, HERETICS, CONMEN, tolerated and allowed to continue?

What is the Church doing?

Can't anything be done for the crimes that have been committed?
Every one will readily agree that CHEATING in the world is a crime.
Is CHEATING in the Church a blessing?
Church Leaders, WHY THEN REMAIN SILENT unless you are also a thief, a robber and a charlatan!

If your wife, daughter, sister or mother or grandmother was molested, seduced or raped would you invite the rogue again to your house at all? Perhaps the "Church" will just "forgive" such a "sinner" without the justice of punishment which even the world has greater wisdom - i.e. to safeguard others from possible future harm.
Catholic priests who have molested children took many years before being "caught" and "justice" meted out.
William Lobdell, an Investigative Journalist lost his faith as a result of the processes during his investigations finding so many hypocrites protecting the criminal-sinner and ignoring the victim!
Church leaders: Watch this and repent!!!

Listen to what William Lobdell has to say about Benny Hinn. This you Must Watch:
What does it take for the Church to rise to the occasion?
If judgment is not pronounced and punishment meted out to False Ministers, sins will soon be turned to expressed form and be enacted as boldness and eventually into an INSTITUTION.
The "Organised Church" is now so Dysfunctional, DISORGANISED and DELUDED that many of the sheep have been slaughtered right in front of the very eyes of the Shepherds, called "Pastors". This is DISGUSTING. One cannot blame William Lobdell for losing his faith if he is true to his integrity, seeing the hypocrisy.
Elders have grown senile, just waiting to die and meet Jesus to have their reward and left it all to Pastors. Surely such Elders will die, and surely they will meet Jesus, but will Jesus say "well done good and faithful servant..." or will be say, "I do not know you... you workers of iniquity" ? I think its the latter.
Because the Churches have become "Mega" size and GLOBAL these days, these missing sheep are not numbered among those M.I.A. unless they have some economic value or "power". They don't count anymore. The ordinary members in the fold have grown to be "old goats". So they are left to fester. They have been FLEECED in all their productive years, but now they shall be left to the cold winter of their lives with nothing to keep them warm.
Such Churches count only $-money-$! not the "$heep"

These so-called "Pastors" are themselves "bankrupt" even though they are rich but are just hirelings who go on fleecing and will flee when the wolves come, or become one as well to have a feast.
Jesus said, "I am the good shepherd. The good shepherd lays down his life for the sheep." (John 10:11)

I have yet to meet a Flesh and Blood Pastor who would stand up against such Wolves-in-Sheep's-Clothing! This is a far cry from the "good shepherd".

There are too few true Pastors if you care to test them. For those who barely pass the test lack courage for they lack TRUTH. Just hirelings doing a job!
These exist only in name and title, garlanded by the Theological Seminaries with titles longer than their names. "Professional Pastors" totally incompetent for the task without a Calling from God. Even a calling or commission from God has its start and end.

They can even buy a certificate these days, and pose as "Men of God". Very Impressive indeed!
They confer titles on each other, so how could they expose one another for any wrongdoings. They are scratching each other's back and stabbing the member's backs.

TRUTH is no more preached in the Pulpit and the Good News is in the Sounds of Silence.

They all love their positions and life too dearly, and will not so much as even know the sheep by their name. All "Church Leaders" who do not stand to be counted and are ashamed of the Gospel, watching helplessly are accountable to all the lost sheep. GOD WILL JUDGE and His Judgement is just.
Jesus Christ has already paid a RANSOM for your life,
so you do not need to pay any more to any of such pretentious "men of God'.
You cannot pay your own ransom.
Pay not a single penny to such as "PENNY"-Benny Hinn in order to be "SPARED".
He LIED so as to get your money.
There is no penance that need to be paid.
Don't be FOOLED !!!
They are Prosperity Pimps
Benny, where did all the money go?

All so-called "men of God" who LIE... and TAKE MONEY... for God's Ministry when God gives grace freely are akin to GEHAZI, and shall receive the recompence of reward of Gehazi! (2Kings 5: 20-27) ...

JESUS "... did not come to be served, but to serve and to give his life as a ransom for many people." (Mat 20:28)
The Ransom is already fully paid for by the Blood of Jesus.
Money cannot buy salvation nor pardon for your sins!!!
God does not take bribe
... And that is the Gospel ...

read about Benny Hinn

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